Volume 4 (2013)

Invited Editorials

Trauma is a global issue Ulrich Schnyder

Inaugural Lecture

Review Articles

Pharmacological enhancement of exposure-based treatment in PTSD: a qualitative review Rianne A. de Kleine, Barbara O. Rothbaum, Agnes van Minnen
Prevalence of interpersonal trauma exposure and trauma-related disorders in severe mental illness Maria W. Mauritz, Peter J.J. Goossens, Nel Draijer, Theo van Achterberg

Clinical Research Articles

Treatment compliance and effectiveness in complex PTSD patients with co-morbid personality disorder undergoing stabilizing cognitive behavioral group treatment: a preliminary study Ethy Dorrepaal, Kathleen Thomaes, Johannes H. Smit, Dick J. Veltman, Adriaan W. Hoogendoorn, Anton J. L. M. van Balkom, Nel Draijer
Growing up in armed groups: trauma and aggression among child soldiers in DR Congo Katharin Hermenau, Tobias Hecker, Anna Maedl, Maggie Schauer, Thomas Elbert
Family environment and adult resilience: contributions of positive parenting and the oxytocin receptor gene Bekh Bradley, Telsie A. Davis, Aliza P. Wingo, Kristina B. Mercer, Kerry J. Ressler
Validation of the French version of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index Addendum for posttraumatic stress disorder Malik Ait-Aoudia, Pierre P. Levy, Eric Bui, Salvatore Insana, Capucine de Fouchier, Anne Germain, Louis Jehel
Dysregulation in cortical reactivity to emotional faces in PTSD patients with high dissociation symptoms Aleksandra Klimova, Richard A. Bryant, Leanne M. Williams, Kim Louise Felmingham
Randomized controlled trial of a brief dyadic cognitive-behavioral intervention designed to prevent PTSD Alain Brunet, Isabeau Bousquet Des Groseilliers, Matthew J. Cordova, Josef I. Ruzek
Trauma, mental health, and intergenerational associations in Kosovar Families 11 years after the war Matthis Schick, Naser Morina, Richard Klaghofer, Ulrich Schnyder, Julia Müller
Positive affect, childhood adversity, and psychopathology in psychiatric inpatients Darryl W. Etter, Justin R. Gauthier, Elizabeth McDade-Montez, Marylene Cloitre, Eve B. Carlson
Evidence for proposed ICD-11 PTSD and complex PTSD: a latent profile analysis Marylène Cloitre, Donn W. Garvert, Chris R. Brewin, Richard A. Bryant, Andreas Maercker
Aggression inoculates against PTSD symptom severity - insights from armed groups in the eastern DR Congo Tobias Hecker, Katharin Hermenau, Anna Maedl, Maggie Schauer, Thomas Elbert
Development of a Childhood Attachment and Relational Trauma Screen (CARTS): a relational-socioecological framework for surveying attachment security and childhood trauma history Paul A. Frewen, Barrie Evans, Jason Goodman, Aaron Halliday, James Boylan, Greg Moran, Jeffrey Reiss, Allan Schore, Ruth A. Lanius
Cross-cultural and factorial validity of PTSD check list—military version (PCL-M) in Sinhalese language Saveen N. Semage, Sivagurunadan Sivayogan, David Forbes, Meaghan O’Donnell, Roshan M. M. Monaragala, Emma Lockwood, David Dunt

Basic Research Articles

Longitudinal course of physical and psychological symptoms after a natural disaster Lars Wahlström, Hans Michélsen, Abbe Schulman, Hans Backheden, Riitta Keskinen-Rosenqvist
The prevalence and impact of trauma history in eating disorder patients Klas Backholm, Rasmus Isomaa, Andreas Birgegård
What makes a life event traumatic for a child? The predictive values of DSM-Criteria A1 and A2 Eva Verlinden, Mirjam Schippers, Els P.M. van Meijel, Renée Beer, Brent C. Opmeer, Miranda Olff, Frits Boer, Ramón J.L. Lindauer
Trauma histories among justice-involved youth: findings from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network Carly B. Dierkhising, Susan J. Ko, Briana Woods-Jaeger, Ernestine C. Briggs, Robert Lee, Robert S. Pynoos
Predicting criminality from child maltreatment typologies and posttraumatic stress symptoms Ask Elklit, Karen-Inge Karstoft, Cherie Armour, Dagmar Feddern, Mogens Christoffersen

Short Communications

The expectancy of threat and peritraumatic dissociation Pamela McDonald, Richard A. Bryant, Derrick Silove, Mark Creamer, Meaghan O'Donnell, Alexander C. McFarlane

Clinical Practice Articles

Children and war: the work of the Children and War Foundation William Yule, Atle Dyregrov, Magne Raundalen, Patrick Smith

Case Reports

Nightmares that mislead to diagnosis of reactivation of PTSD Stefan Roepke, Marie-Luise Hansen, Anita Peter, Angela Merkl, Carla Palafox, Heidi Danker-Hopfe
Treatment of sexual trauma dissolves contamination fear: case report Mirjam J. Nijdam, Marthe M. van der Pol, Ron E. Dekens, Miranda Olff, Damiaan Denys

Study protocols

Using a web-based game to prevent posttraumatic stress in children following medical events: design of a randomized controlled trial Meghan L. Marsac, Kristen L. Kohser, Flaura K. Winston, Justin Kenardy, Sonja March, Nancy Kassam-Adams

Invited papers 13th European Conference on Traumatic Stress

A group-based approach to stabilisation and symptom management in a phased treatment model for refugees and asylum seekers Mary E. A. Robertson, Jocelyn M. Blumberg, Jacqui L. Gratton, Eileen G. Walsh, Hamodi Kayal
Lessons learned about psychosocial responses to disaster and mass trauma: an international perspective Lennart Reifels, Luca Pietrantoni, Gabriele Prati, Yoshiharu Kim, Dean G. Kilpatrick, Grete Dyb, James Halpern, Miranda Olff, Chris R. Brewin, Meaghan O’Donnell

Psychotrauma research in the Netherlands

Psychotrauma research in the Netherlands Miranda Olff, Eric Vermetten
Psychotraumatology in the Netherlands Eric Vermetten, Miranda Olff
Acute stress differentially affects spatial configuration learning in high and low cortisol-responding healthy adults Thomas Meyer, Tom Smeets, Timo Giesbrecht, Conny W. E. M. Quaedflieg, Harald Merchelbach
Susceptibility to long-term misinformation effect outside of the laboratory Miriam J.J. Lommen, Iris M. Engelhard, Marcel A. van den Hout
Bouncing forward of young refugees: a perspective on resilience research directions Marieke Sleijpen, F. Jackie June ter Heide, Trudy Mooren, Hennie R. Boeije, Rolf J. Kleber